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About us

Intellibuildings is making the South Florida's old building stock smarter, one building at a time. With dedication and passion for what we do, every project we take is developed with pride and innovation.


We work hard to make sure you will select us as your trusted electrical contractor because we will be always by your side supporting your building's improvement projects, rain or shine. 






From energy management consulting, to electrical design-build and total building automation we are your one-stop contractor for all your building needs. 


We also offer affordable Solar Energy Systems with or without grid integration, so energy independence and increased reliability is now possible using PACE.


Our exclusive energy and building management systems are modular and customized to your needs and can be scaled and connected to all your building subsystems for centralized/decentralized remote control and monitoring.

Solar and Electrical Contractor



Intellibuildings is an Unlimited Electrical Contractor in FL and the staff is certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO). We employ only the highest standards and quality materials in all of our projects

We are a Ygrene certified contractor for the PACE system in FL, which offers very attractive ways of long term financing and makes possible achieving positive cash flow from the beginning on most of the energy  improvements in your industrial, commercial and residential property

Our extensive capabilities include customizing modular solutions that will enhance the present and the future of your building's energy and electrical necessities using the latest control technology like Internet of Things (IoT). We will solve your most complicated electrical issues as well

Innovative Financing